Janeene Streather (Chairperson)

I have been with 3D for 3 yrs since 2005 as a volunteer chairperson and I have seen 3D have achieved so much.
We received an award from the RNID for services to the community and also an award from Dada Fest in Liverpool.
We have put so much effort into raising money this year with a sponsored, Jewellery party and raffles. We also thank the people that have supported us through donations.

This is such a great success for 3D.

Productions I have directed:
Deaf Variety Show 2005
Jack and the Beanstalk 2006

Characters I’ve played:
Abused wife in Secret Silence Shame! 2007
Tin Man Wizard of Oz 2007

Early in 2008 3D had training with CVS summer to learn new skills, everyone enjoyed this.

My past experience:
I have been dancing since the age of 8 and acting since the age 11. 
Became an professional actor later life.
I am 35 this year! and single!!!
Ten years ago I stop pursuing a career in acting and continued with other things but I’m glad to be back doing this as a hobby now, sharing my knowledge and skills.

But what will 3D be doing this Xmas…!!!! Wait and see but I know you’ll enjoy it!